Portable Solar Power System

The NRR Portable Solar Power System/Trailer includes the following technical specs and price range:

The NRR 18/24/36 KW-19-120 Solar Power Generator from NRR Corp is a towable power generation unit powered and charged by solar arrays containing 36/48/52 high efficiency, multi-crystal photovoltaic modules.

This unit offers 120- 240 3 Phase VAC, 18/24/36 kilowatt max output, quiet standalone operation, and incorporates features designed to provide long life and economical operation.

This 18/24/36 kilowatt solar powered generator recharges 16/23/32 Batteries which power 3/4/6 Power System inverters to supply 120V AC 10 amp – 50 amp, 240V AC, and 240V AC 3 phase for operating tools, lighting and other electrical equipment.

This unit also provides 12V DC current which it makes available via a jumper cable connection, USB connection, and a convenient cigarette lighter connection port.

Max output of 18/24/36 kW units will have a constant output of 10.8/13.5/21.6 kW for four hours or 10.5/13.5/21.6 kW for eight hours.