Mission and vision

Better world and living environment thru production, distribution and sales of renewable energy product, such VAWT, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, Hydro-Turbine, Sonic Harvester/Solar Trailer,etc.


Recycled products, such rubber flooring with superior levels of long-term durability, ready to endure UV rays, ozone, moisture, and physical abrasions

Innovative design, R&D, production, distribution and sale of Wave Technology integrated product such:

Sonic based fitness products like stepper, elliptical machine generating energy by human effort.

Micro-Mobility sonic products, such bikes, ATV, variable chassis 100% green vs. urban congestion.

Sonic Power industrial tool, like sonic gun, sonic jackhammer, resonance based tools.

Intensive organic Agriculture, including Aquaponic and Hydroponic systems.

Sonic Wind Turbine and Combined Wind - Hydro (Wave, Tidal and River) energy harvester